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Scam fine targets people have violated quarantine
A new coronavirus scam targets people who’ve ‘violated quarantine’
On September 8th, as the daily coronavirus case count ticked up to 28,550, the executive editor of The Verge received a strange email. “TC Sottek: We would like to inform you that you have been recorded as leaving your home on 3 occasions yesterday. A fine of $59 has been added to your account.”
Gift card fraud a gateway to complex cyber fraud.
Beware of gift card fraud - don’t let it hijack your holiday season
Holiday gift-giving can be an absolute joy, but all that shopping can feel a bit daunting, too. Gift cards can be a convenient compromise. In fact, almost 50 percent of people polled by the National Retail Federation said they plan to give out gift cards for the 2020 holiday season. The only problem?
22 billion card fraud in 2019 and 90% of card fraud took place online
BPFI recorded €22m in debit and credit card fraud in 2019
Banking & Payments Federation Ireland (BPFI) has published the latest debit and credit card fraud losses, which amounted to €22.1 million in 2019 with 260,000 fraudulent debit and credit card transactions.
However, BPFI said progress is being made in the fight against card fraud, with losses down 49% when compared to 2016.
Gift Card Fraud a Major Threat for 2020
Protect Your Business Against Gift Card Fraud This Holiday Season
The holidays are now upon us. Of course, against the backdrop of COVID-19, we’re looking at a season unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.
Unsurprisingly, many consumers are opting to do the bulk of their shopping online. But, while skipping out on the crowds and the chaos at the mall doesn’t sound too bad,
Card not present transaction, COVID-era credit card scam
Niagara police warn of COVID-era credit card scam that hurts customers and businesses
Police in Niagara region are warning about increasingly common credit card scams reported during the pandemic.
Niagara Regional Police Service says there has been an increase in fraudulent credit card transactions as more businesses do sales by phone during COVID-19.
The service says the fraud involves using illegally obtained cards to order merchandise without the cardholders’ knowledge.
Card not present transaction, COVID-era credit card scam
ALERT: Beware of Cloned Websites – A Concern for the Payments Industry
The prevalence of phishing incidents is staggering, with 86% of individuals acknowledging potential encounters with such cyber threats.
Website cloning is a prominent tactic cybercriminals employ to deceive and defraud unsuspecting users.These malicious actors replicate legitimate websites with striking accuracy, often differing only by a minute alteration in the web address.
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