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Discreet Online Payments

Did you know that some payment cards allow you to spend your money discreetly, without anyone knowing? That's right, neither your bank nor your relatives can know unless you tell them. You don't receive any mail and the expenses made with your card are not reported to any banking institution. In a digital era where everything is known and shown, we all might have reasons to want to make purchases discreetly. It's your right. The Veritas Mastercard® allows you to buy confidentially in stores and online. Let's see who this confidential payment solution in the form of a bankless prepaid card is aimed at.

Why Make Discreet Purchases?

Discreet or confidential purchases may concern you at any point in your life. We don't always want everything to be known and all our expenses scrutinized by our relatives or our bank. For instance, to maintain the perfect surprise when you’re gifting, a bankless card where expenses are only visible to you could be the ideal solution. You can make purchases online or in-store without anyone knowing, neither your bank nor your spouse. A rechargeable prepaid card like the Veritas Mastercard® also allows you to allocate a limited budget to your purchases and to avoid financial difficulty.

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With your confidential card, you can discreetly spend your money on:

  • Online purchases on e-commerce sites
  • Booking travel
  • Paying for a hotel
  • Renting a car
  • Accessing a paid dating site
  • Subscribing to streaming services
  • Engaging in sports betting / Poker
  • Enjoying online gaming
  • Playing at casinos
  • Participating in trading / crowdfunding
  • Visiting paid adult websites

Why Choose a Veritas Mastercard® for Confidential Purchases?

Confidential Payment Card
Veritas is a solution outside the banking system (sometimes called NoBank, as opposed to NeoBank). This payment solution is not affiliated with your bank.
Quick Online Registration
The sign-up process takes only 5 minutes online, and you receive a Veritas Mastercard® Gold or Black and a virtual card, an account with a French IBAN with no link to your bank, and a French RIB for receiving transfers. Your account is 100% confidential, your expenses appear nowhere other than your Veritas account, and you will receive no mail at home.
Easily Rechargeable Card by Cash or Transfer
Recharge your Veritas account as you wish, by cash, bank transfer, and even by card.
No Overdraft Possible, Zero Surprises
Only the money available on the card can be spent. There is no risk of exceeding your budget or incurring overdraft fees.
International Payment Card
The VERITAS Mastercard® prepaid card works all over the world wherever the Mastercard® Acceptance Mark is displayed. Thus, you can make discreet and confidential payments internationally, during your business trips and leisure activities.
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