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Travel Prepaid Payment Card

NOTE: At Veritas, we believe it is important to explain in detail all aspects of the "travel prepaid payment card" product so that everyone can choose the one that suits them best. The information on this internet page is generic and provided for informational purposes only to help the reader understand the "travel prepaid payment card" product in general. It should not be considered absolutely comprehensive and may vary depending on local legislation or other factors. Therefore, in the event of a subscription, this information does not replace reading and accepting the general terms and conditions.

travel prepaid payment card
If you're traveling for pleasure, study, work, or to visit family, you'll need a travel payment card to manage your finances during these international escapades. The prepaid payment card is your new travel companion. Convenient and secure for handling daily expenses, a rechargeable prepaid card like the Veritas Card allows you to spend your money while traveling abroad with peace of mind. In this article, let's discover together the advantages that a rechargeable payment card offers to travelers.

What is a Prepaid Payment Card?

A prepaid payment card operates like a traditional bank card but is preloaded with the desired amount by its holder. It enables transactions in stores, online, and cash withdrawals at ATMs, all within the limit of available funds on the card. A prepaid payment card like the Veritas MasterCard is a non-account card.

Types of Prepaid Payment Cards

types of prepaid payment cards
  • Rechargeable Cards: These are cards that can be credited as many times as desired, and whose balance can be checked and managed via a dedicated app or website.
  • Non-Rechargeable Cards: These cards operate on a single-use principle. Once their balance is spent, they become unusable and cannot be reloaded.
  • Multi-Currency Cards: Also known as travel cards, these prepaid cards are specially designed for people who travel abroad regularly. They allow holding multiple balances in different currencies on the same card.

The Veritas Card falls into the category of rechargeable cards. You can credit your payment card in various ways such as by bank transfer, credit card, or cash, and its balance can be managed through a mobile app or a dedicated website. This flexibility and recharge capability make the Veritas Card an ideal option for those seeking the most comfortable solution for managing their finances, both daily and during travel.

Advantages of a Prepaid Payment Card for International Travel

Budget Control and Expense Management
Limits spending to the funds available on the card, avoiding overdrafts and providing a clear view of expenses. Ability to check the balance and transactions via an app.
No Need for a Bank Account
Easy to purchase and use the card without the need to open a bank account in the destination country.
Ease of Use and International Acceptance:
Accepted worldwide in millions of shops and ATMs, affiliated with networks like Visa or MasterCard.
Transaction Security and Fraud Protection
Similar security measures to traditional bank cards, with features like enhanced authentication and SMS alerts.

Tips for Making the Most of Your Prepaid Payment Card Abroad

To make the most of your Veritas prepaid payment card abroad, stay informed about exchange rates and potential fees to avoid surprises. We recommend, as in everyday life, keeping an eye on your balance via the mobile app to manage your expenses. With the Veritas Card, you benefit from compatibility with Google Pay and Apple Pay for easy and quick transactions.

Attention: Always check the validity of your payment card before traveling abroad.

These tips will help you fully enjoy your Veritas Card during your international travels when it comes to paying abroad with your card.

Veritas Mastercard: The Rechargeable Payment Card for Paying Abroad

The Veritas Mastercard is the payment solution abroad for travelers. Let's take a concrete example: you are in Rome, exploring its picturesque alleys. An impulsive purchase of local handicrafts? Use the Veritas Card for a quick and secure payment. Or, during a getaway in Tokyo, if you need more funds, reloading is simple and convenient. The NFC functionality for contactless payments, the security of an account with a dedicated RIB/IBAN, and the ability to send and share money worldwide make this prepaid card essential for a hassle-free and fully controlled travel experience. Start even using your payment card before your trip abroad. Use your Veritas card to book your travel: your plane tickets, your hotel, your car rental, or any expenses whatsoever.

The Veritas Mastercard® International combines elegance, discretion, and especially efficiency during your trips abroad. It includes a dedicated FR RIB, two versions of the card (physical and virtual), with free delivery. Deposits can be made by bank transfer, credit card, or cash. It offers a loading capacity of up to €67,000, with special offers and promotions. It also allows free instant transfers between Veritas accounts, adding to its convenience for daily transactions and travel.

To obtain a Veritas Mastercard, one must be over 18 years old and reside in a European Union or EFTA country. The registration process is done online, with several payment options for the card, such as credit card, PayPal, bank transfer, postal order, or Neosurf payment voucher. This Mastercard is accepted worldwide at millions of merchants and at ATMs.

card with airport lounge access

Card with Airport Lounge Access

The Veritas card offers exclusive access to over 1000 airport lounges worldwide, making your travel experience from the airport relaxing and comfortable. With Veritas, lounge access is straightforward: no complicated process, app download, or QR code generation is necessary. Holders of the Veritas Classic or VIP card can buy access directly at the lounge entrance. This service includes fast Wi-Fi, complimentary refreshments, and a comfortable space.
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