With Veritas no more stressful airport experience.

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Most of the time at the airport you experiment slow wifi, no comfortable seat for relaxing yourself, overcrowded terminal, expensive refreshments.

With VERITAS, whatever your travel class, whatever your airline, you start to enjoy any journey through the airport not when you reach your destination but from the airport where you depart.

At Veritas

  • No long process
  • No need an application
  • No need to download any QRcode
  • No need even a phone
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How does airport lounges access work?

  • Your Veritas is an international payment card from Mastercard.
  • We selected for you best international lounges where you can access with your Veritas.
  • With Veritas you can access as simplest way as possible to more than a thousand airport lounges across the globe.
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How do I use my Veritas to access airport lounge?

  • Most other cards ask you to download an app, to generate a code or a pass or any other complicated process.
  • At Veritas we believe access to airport lounge must be simple. Just select the airport where you are, go to the lounge and enjoy free wifi, free refreshments, comfortable place.

FAQ About airport lounge access

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What if I’m traveling with family and friends?
How much does it cost?
Where are located selected airport lounges?
What does mean access to an airport lounge?
How do i purchase my access to the airport lounge?
How to use my airport lounge access?
What if I have an issue with a lounge?
Who can purchase and use access to the airport lounge?
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