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Why Veritas?

Prepaid cards are becoming more and more popular but each one has its own distinctive features. The VERITAS Mastercard® prepaid card has brought together the best of prepaid cards: simple, efficient, discrete, elegant, affordable.

Only spend what you load onto your card.

Self-discipline or simply teaching your loved ones to control their spending

The VERITAS Mastercard® prepaid card won't let you go over your budget.
Divide the budget
Separate your household budget from that of your leisure activities with several VERITAS Mastercard® prepaid cards.
Budget for entertainment
Thus, playing games for money (poker, casino...) on the Internet for a few euros never results in spending savings at home.
The VERITAS Mastercard® Prepaid Card is a Mastercard® Prepaid Card.
The VERITAS Prepaid Mastercard® works wherever you see the Mastercard® acceptance sign.
Your card
Use your card at your neighborhood bakery or elsewhere at over 36 million merchants.
customizable free option

Customizable : Free option

  • Choose the first and last name or the name of your business to go on your VERITAS Mastercard® prepaid card.
  • Give strong personalization to your VERITAS Mastercard® prepaid card.
  • Warning: Weird, racist or offensive names are systematically rejected.

Money transfer between
friends and relatives:

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Note: The card will not be issued and sent to India.

Available to everyone

It's more than just
The VERITAS Prepaid Mastercard® is more than just a means of payment, it is access to a world of many products and services.
Get exclusive access
Sign up for services that only accept card payments. Get access to exclusive offers online.

Available to everyone
No need to open or have a bank account, no need to check your financial situation, the VERITAS Mastercard® prepaid card is available to everyone.
veritas security


  • Stolen or lost money is lost forever.
  • With a VERITAS Prepaid Mastercard®, your money is safe: your card is blocked as soon as you call to report a theft or loss.
  • To use the VERITAS Mastercard® prepaid card, you need to know the secret code.

Confidentiality and discretion

smiling woman holding a credit card
Expenses made with the VERITAS Mastercard® Prepaid Card are displayed only in your online interface.
young man smiling in front of a computer
Payments made with your VERITAS Mastercard® prepaid card only show up on your online interface.
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Unless expressly requested, you will not receive any correspondence.
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Merchants & ATM acceptance
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Service & Support by
real humans, not bots

Customer Service in English at your service by ticket 24/24, by
phone from Monday to Saturday from 9h to 18h30

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