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Contactless Payment Card (NFC)

For purchases under 50€, contactless payments are safe, fast, and convenient. With Veritas, you can obtain your contactless Mastercard® equipped with NFC technology in just a few clicks.

How Does the Veritas Contactless Payment Card Work?

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Benefits of Contactless on Veritas Cards:

Convenience for Purchases Under 50€:
It’s like having cash without having to dig through your pockets.
Ideal for Quick Payments:
Restaurants, tobacco offices, taxis, local shops, florists, pharmacies, tolls, parking... Speed up payment operations for amounts up to 50€.
Merchant Doesn’t Offer Contactless Payment?
Simply use your card as usual: insert your card into the reader and enter your PIN. Like other purchases, your contactless payment transactions appear in your transaction history in your customer area.
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Is Contactless Payment Secure?

Secure Transactions:
Mastercard® Contactless transactions are secure. You receive the same protection mechanisms in case of loss, theft, or fraudulent transactions as with your traditional bank card.
No Accidental Payments:
For a Mastercard® Contactless payment operation to be completed, you must present your card within 5 cm of the payment reader. The card must be oriented facing the contactless payment pictogram for the transaction to proceed.
One Touch, One Payment:
No issues with double billing or multiple debits. Even if you approach your card to the reader multiple times when paying, your purchase will only be charged once. Presenting the card to the reader, even repeatedly, only generates a single payment operation.
Contactless Mastercard
To ensure an interoperable payment solution globally, the Mastercard contactless card has been developed following the industrial standard for radio-frequency communications - ISO 14443.


What is the contactless payment limit per day?

The daily limit for contactless payments varies by bank and card type. Generally, this amount is set at 50 euros per transaction, with a limited number of transactions per day. For specific information, consult your bank's conditions.

How does a contactless card work?

A contactless card uses NFC (Near Field Communication) technology to communicate with a payment terminal. When the card is near the terminal, payment information is transmitted without needing physical contact.

Why doesn’t my contactless card work?

Several reasons can explain the malfunctioning of a contactless card: reaching the authorized payment limit, damaged card, incompatible or inactive payment terminal, or the card has not been activated for contactless payments.

How to get a contactless card?

At Veritas, simply order your payment card online, and you will receive both a virtual payment card and a physical contactless payment card.

Why was my contactless payment declined?

A contactless payment may be declined for exceeding the authorized limit, insufficient balance, a blocked card, or a technical issue with the payment terminal.

What are the benefits of phone payments?

Phone payment offers speed, simplicity, and security. It also allows centralizing several payment methods and easily tracking transactions.

How to make a contactless payment with a phone?

To pay contactlessly with a phone, activate the NFC function and register your bank card in a mobile payment app. Then, approach your phone to the payment terminal to perform the transaction.

What are the drawbacks of mobile payment?

You need a charged and operational phone to make a contactless payment with a smartphone.

What are the benefits of contactless payment?

Contactless payment offers great convenience, reduces waiting time at checkouts, lessens the need to carry cash, and minimizes physical contact with payment terminals.

How do I know if I can pay with my phone?

Check if your phone is equipped with NFC technology and if your bank, neobank, or payment service offers a compatible payment app. You can also look in your phone’s settings or consult your device’s documentation.

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