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Income-Free Payment Card

Tired of the income requirements imposed by some banks? Looking for a solution that fits your situation and allows you to freely use a payment card without fear of exceeding your limits? Here are the benefits of the Veritas Mastercard®, a prepaid payment card accessible without income conditions.

Who is an Income-Free Payment Card for?

An income-free payment card, like the prepaid card solution offered by Veritas, is designed for people who may face difficulties opening a traditional bank account, such as students, unemployed individuals, freelancers with irregular income, or those who are barred from banking and listed by the Banque de France.
Others may struggle to open a bank account for practical or legal reasons and turn to a bankless account solution. For example, expatriates or recent immigrants might not have all the required documents. People without a fixed address or a stable postal address also encounter obstacles. Some banks impose strict conditions for account opening, such as a positive credit history, which these groups may not always meet.
Students and unemployed individuals may lack regular or stable income, a criterion for some institutions to open a bank account and issue a bank card. Freelancers with irregular income might also not meet the minimum income requirements of some banks. Individuals listed at the Banque de France due to financial incidents may be denied the opening of a traditional bank account.
An income-free payment card also offers a solution for those who prefer a simple, commitment-free alternative to traditional banks.

Gold Mastercard® or Black Mastercard® without Income

At Veritas, after your online registration, which takes only 5 minutes, you can obtain your Gold or Black Mastercard®, a French bank account number (RIB), and an account with no ties to your bank, including two cards (one virtual and one physical), the ability to load your card up to €67,000, and free instant money transfers between Veritas accounts. And to enjoy all this, no income condition is required. Card delivery is free, and annual fees start from only €12.

The VERITAS Mastercard® prepaid card offers you the most essential banking services, accessible to all: students, retirees, employees, the unemployed, tourists, and freelancers. Even in case of banking prohibition, this card allows you to make cash withdrawals at all Mastercard® ATMs, easily deposit cash, pay for purchases at merchants and online, receive income and transfers through a dedicated RIB, and make transfers to manage your finances. It operates like a bank account without the risk of overdraft, and with complete discretion, allowing you secure online management with a high-quality, elegant, and secure card.

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