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Virtual Prepaid Card

With the rapid evolution of the internet and mobile purchasing, along with the growing need for online security, virtual prepaid cards are the ideal alternative for making online purchases securely, without disclosing your banking information. The VERITAS Mastercard® virtual prepaid card is a straightforward payment solution if you're looking to make internet purchases or phone orders without compromising your personal data, remaining discreet and without any link to your bank. The promise is simple: security, immediacy, and total freedom in the digital world. With the Mastercard® Virtual Prepaid Card offered by Veritas, you are just a few clicks away from being able to pay online.

What is the VERITAS Mastercard® Virtual Prepaid Card?

The VERITAS Mastercard® virtual prepaid card is a solution that allows you to carry out online transactions securely and confidentially on platforms, e-commerce sites, subscriptions, products, or services. It functions like a regular bank card, with the difference that it does not require a bank account or proof of income.

Virtual prepaid cards are perfectly suited for individuals wishing to maintain their anonymity during their online purchases, or for those without easy access to a bank account, such as those with banking restrictions. Your internet spending remains your private affair.
Your VERITAS Mastercard® virtual prepaid card also gives you access to a dedicated RIB and IBAN. Accepted worldwide, your virtual prepaid card opens the doors to millions of online merchants proudly displaying the Mastercard® seal.
The VERITAS Mastercard® wraps you in a cocoon of comprehensive and transparent services, without tying you down with hidden fees or binding commitments. This versatile prepaid card, akin to a financial Swiss Army knife, seamlessly integrates with a mobile app, making every aspect of financial management – from cash reloading to bank transfer – smooth and hassle-free.
Transferring money between VERITAS community members is free of charge, a considerable advantage. Whether you're paying for everyday purchases or browsing international e-commerce sites, this card simplifies each transaction, ensuring immediate access to your financial resources wherever you are, at any time.
As for security, it's far from being an afterthought. Thanks to the 3DS system, your online purchases are fortified against intrusions, and should your card ever be lost, a simple action is enough to block or reactivate it, instantly returning control to you.
The support you receive is as human as it is technological. A real customer service, available day and night via a ticket system or by phone during opening hours, ensures assistance in your language, ready to answer every question with the warmth and responsiveness you deserve.

How to Obtain a VERITAS Mastercard® Virtual Prepaid Card?

To obtain a VERITAS Mastercard® virtual prepaid card, simply follow these steps:

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  • Visit the homepage or simply use the site's menu where you are now and select the option 'Get my card'.
  • Fill out the registration form with your personal information.
  • Choose the payment method to cover the issuance fees of your virtual prepaid card.

Once the payment is made, you will receive information in your customer area containing your card number, expiration date, and the visual security code (CVV). You can now use your virtual prepaid card for your online transactions.

*subject to validation of your digital identification

Benefits of the VERITAS Mastercard® Virtual Prepaid Card

Benefit Description
Speed Instant issuance, no monthly fees.
Privacy Only the user has access to the transaction history.
Global Acceptance Accepted everywhere Mastercard® is accepted.
Simplicity Direct and easy reloading.
Internet Security Optimal protection for online purchases.
Special Offer Virtual card offered with the purchase of a physical card.
Comprehensive Card, RIB, all-in-one services, without commitment.
Additional Services Trading, loans, savings, insurance.
Flexibility Reload through various means, including cash and bank transfer.
Security and Assistance Secure online purchases, management in case of loss, real customer service.

How to Reload Your VERITAS Mastercard®
Virtual Prepaid Card?

To add funds to your virtual prepaid card, several options are available to you:
Bank Transfer
You can perform a transfer from your bank account to your virtual prepaid card. The IBAN and BIC details of the card will be provided upon registration.
Credit or Debit Card
It’s also possible to top up your card using another credit or debit card through the "Card Reload" option available on the VERITAS website.
Some partners offer vouchers that allow you to credit your virtual prepaid card with cash. Check with authorized merchants near you.
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