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ExpressIssue, exclusive communication module from Veritas. To respond to complex situations, Veritas offers to make a telephone appointment, click HERE for more information

This is message about PCSIL one of our service provider which is issuing cards and could maybe concerned you if you have a card which had been issued by PCSIL - READ MORE

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Due to a platform change and the application of new security standards for your convenience, a slight delay in processing messages and calls is to be expected.
Thank you for your patience and your understanding.
En raison d'un changement de plateforme et de l'application de nouvelles normes de sécurité pour votre confort, un léger retard de traitement des messages et des appels sont à prévoir.
Merci de votre patience et de votre compréhension.
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  • Veritas has a unique handling of questions via a ticket system in the customer area. Every customer can get a clear answer easily and quickly. In certain exceptional or complex cases, Veritas goes further and offers to make an appointment and present your request to the mediation team.
  • Please note, mainly, Veritas is an internet service, so before making an appointment you must ensure that you meet the following conditions: you asked your question via your customer area and the answer obtained would be false, your request does not concern the conditions of usage, rates, hotel reservations, car rentals, concierge services, crypto wallet, refusal to transmit a digital identification or provide a document requested by our teams.
  • To make an appointment click HERE.

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