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This is message about PCSIL one of our service provider which is issuing cards and could maybe concerned you if you have a card which had been issued by PCSIL - READ MORE

Use Your Card

  • Pay All of Your Bills
  • Connect to Your Secure Card Area.
  • Save time and pay your water bills, electricity bills or rent instantly.


The VERITAS Mastercard® prepaid cards is accepted at millions of merchant locations displaying the Acceptation Mark Mastercard®.

use your card for shopping
Your purchases in stores by entering your secret PIN code.
Simply provide your card details. Make certain that the other caller is trustworthy or opt to make a payment online or in a store.
Simply use your card by providing your card details to your operator.
Use the purchase order form and fill out the relevant fields with your card details. When making a payment, enter your card number. Make sure that the merchant website is secure.

Transfer Money to Multiple

transfer money to multiple recipients

Save on Foreign Exchange Fees

No Commission
Certain merchants abroad offer debits in euros and you don’t pay any foreign exchange fees.

No bad surprises
No more bad surprises when coming back from vacation. Your foreign exchange fees are: 1.99%, and that’s it.

Choose currency
What’s more: when you order your card choose its reference currency: Euro (EUR) or US dollars (USD) or British Pound (GBP) or South African Rand (ZAR).

Trip Abroad

Discretion and Security:
No need to carry cash or traveler’s checks anymore. Your VERITAS Mastercard® prepaid cards: easy, simple, discrete, secure.

Your money available in cash worldwide without formalities:

money available in cash worldwide
  • Withdraw Cash. Use more than 20 million ATMs around the world to withdraw your money.
  • Directly withdraw cash at certain financial institutions that accept advances on payment cards Mastercard®.
  • No need to order cash in advance. Have instant access to your money anywhere in the world.

A Summer Job Abroad

summer job abroad
No need to open a bank account anymore. Receive your salary directly onto your prepaid card VERITAS Mastercard®.
What’s more: when you order your card choose its reference currency: Euro (EUR) or US dollars (USD) or British Pound (GBP) or South African Rand (ZAR).
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