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The Crypto wallet is a new electronic wallet which will gradually be integrated into the customer area

To benefit first from a crypto wallet you must pre-register

Why is Veritas integrating Bitcoin?

For a decade, cryptocurrencies remained unregulated. In recent years, they have gained momentum thanks to the beginnings of regulation of this ecosystem. Payments in bitcoins are still marginal and a few brands like Starbucks or Expedia accept payment by crypto.

On the other hand, investment (purchase or sale of crypto) is becoming popular because it is much more regulated by law. It is now extremely easy in just a few clicks to buy or sell cryptos like buying dollars or pounds sterling.

Cryptocurrencies are 100% dematerialized, meaning that they only exist via a digital medium, there is none in the form of notes or coins (except for illustration purposes).

Since cryptocurrencies are not attached to a government or a central bank, Bitcoin, for example, has value all over the world, without exchange fees. But as with buying or selling currency, fees associated with buying or selling Bitcoin exist.

As with the purchase of a currency, the purchase of a Bitcoin cannot be cancelled. If you regret your purchase, you will have to resell your bitcoins.

But there is a BUT: Volatility. The price of Bitcoin can change very sharply, very quickly and without emergency stopping measures. So saying that Bitcoin can gain 100% or lose 99% in a few minutes is not technically impossible.

Veritas will gradually make a crypto wallet available to its customers. This crypto wallet will not be connected to Veritas payment methods (debit card or prepaid card type). To use your assets, you will first have to sell your cryptos for euros.

To be the first to benefit from the Veritas cryptowallet, register here by filling out the form.