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This is message about PCSIL one of our service provider which is issuing cards and could maybe concerned you if you have a card which had been issued by PCSIL - READ MORE

This page is for informing about the situation of PCSIL, one of external third party provider which maybe issued your card

Clients with cards issue by PCSIL are concerned
Clients with cards NOT issued by PCSIL are NOT concerned
Clients with non cards services such as trading, investment, insurance are NOT concerned

If you have a card issued by PCSIL, you may have noticed service interruptions or incidents on your issued card in recent months. These repeated incidents led us to take measures to replace PCSIL with another issuer during the year 2024. Our decision to replace PCSIL was reinforced by the announcement of the cessation of PCSIL activities next year on January 17, 2025. If you have a product/service of PCSIL you bought through our platfrom your product/service will be replace by another one before the 17th January 2025. In the meantime, as PCSIL declared its closure, the management of this service provider will be operated by the Kieran Wallace and Andrew O’Leary of Interpath Ireland who were appointed as Joint Provisional Liquidators of PFS Card Services Ireland Limited (“PCSIL”) by order of the Irish High Court on 17th January 2024. All cardholder funds held by PCSIL are safeguarded in accordance with PCSIL’s obligations under the European Communities Regulations 2011. Funds will continue to be safeguarded throughout the Liquidation of PCSIL. All current card holders with card issued by PCSIL can continue to load funds to their card until 17th July 2024 and can continue to spend on their cards up to 17th January 2025, subject to certain changes and their terms & conditions. Further details, are available below on this page or website of Interpath

Common questions

What is last update?
What has happened to PFS Card Services (Ireland) Ltd?
How do I know if I have a card issued by PCSIL?
Will I be able to keep using my card?
Are my funds protected with this event?
Will I be able to load funds onto my card?
What is the role of Kieran Wallace and Andrew O’Leary of Interpath Ireland?
What does a solvent liquidation mean?
Is VeritasCard will also close?
What are the consequences of stopping PCSIL’s activities?
Who is regulating the current activities being carried out by the Joint Provisional Liquidators?
How long will it take?
How do I get more information?
I receive my salary / social welfare payments to my card. What does this mean for me?
I would like to deactivate my card and have my funds refunded to me, how do I proceed?
I have a PCSIL issued card however I cannot make contact with the distributor. What should I do?
My distributor has advised that it is moving to an alternative regulated firm. What does this mean?
What happens if I have not spent my funds or sought a refund by 17th January 2025?
I have a query – Can I still contact the cardholder services team?
Can I apply for a new card?
My card has expired, will it be renewed?
Will there be any restrictions or limits imposed on my card?
Will chargebacks or transactions currently being disputed continue per the normal process?
I have a PCSIL card. I have no funds on the card, never made any purchase and never loaded funds on the card. How am I affected?
My account is under review, what is happening?
Will additional charges be levied on my card?
Why hasn't my transfer arrived yet?
I have other questions, what should I do?
Being alert to scams
What happen to my cards issued by PCSIL from the 17th July 2024?
Where can I consult my IBAN?
Who to notify in the event of an IBAN change?
Can I use my IBAN before receiving my card?
What should I do to receive transfers to my Veritas?
My transfer arrived on my old IBAN; what should I do?
What will happen to cards issued by PCSIL?
Will there be any changes to fees or terms of use?
What should I do if I pass the ekyc/ekyb but I cannot activate Veritas card?
Can my old top-up coupons be used with my new card?
Can I top-up my account with a credit card?
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